The StardollVnV

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As DinaEdition will be removed soon, I find it very handy to use it for my new blog, together with the lovely VictoriaClors, I will post on a blog that can be founded right

here >>

It will be DinaEdition but just much better 😀 And yes, my graphics will be posted over there from now on.


XoXo DinaEdition

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This wont come as a surprise, but after this post, DinaEditon will be over.

Don’t worry, V will be back.

xoxo Dina/Verojun

Write to stardoll!

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As you all probably allready have noticed, Stardoll is getting more and more expensive. And that kinda is very bad for us members, lately you NEED money to have fun on Stardoll, be honest that’s awfull. I’ve heard many complains that stardoll is getting to expensive.  IF YOU DON’T HAVE STARDOLLARS, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO ON THE SITE.

So as I was checking out some other blogs, I founded some interesting and wonderfull facts ( wonderfull only if you’re name is, shocking for the members )            – – I’m getting very dramatic these days, I would like to blame the weather … 😀 – –    and a letter for stardoll. The letter is written by a good friend of my, Mis.cellaneous and her friend Xainnity from the Stardoll Insiders. So as I think that this letter is very true with his words, I’ve sended it myself to Stardoll with my Verojun account and I think you should do it aswell !!

Don’t click away, I know you wanna tell Stardoll about his desire for money. So copy this letter and send it to


Dear Stardoll,

As one of your members I hope you can take a moment of your time to read this message.

With time Stardoll has evolved. Many amazing and fun things have come and keep on coming, but it seems to come at a price. Over time the Starplaza prices have risen, sometimes even doubled, if not more. And I’m not only talking about Limited Edition and real brands. The regular price for a dress used to be 5 stardollars, now it’s 8 stardollars.

There is not much left for members who are not superstar either: unlike before only shoes, accessories and some plain items are still non-superstar at the moment. We get more rooms, but can hardly buy any furniture for them. Stardoll has even taken away the sale for non-superstar members. This takes away the fun and interest in Stardoll. Of course superstar members should have extra’s and so they have many, but the list just keeps on growing endlessly.

We see more advertisements and sponsors on Stardoll, but yet it seems like members, who are mostly young teenagers, need to pay even more than before.

This is why I send you this message, asking you, Stardoll, to put a stop to this increase in prices and keep Stardoll fun for everyone. Even for members who are not superstar, because I wonder: Where will it stop?

Friendly greetings,

(Your doll name)

No Fame, No Fashion and No Friends

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So yesterday we finally reached the 30 million members, now you would think “YEAH CELEBRATION”

                                              Think again …..

When we reached ten million, we all had like 5 gifts and 10 dollars I think. Ok, they were crappy gifts but at least we got some free stuff.

With the 20 million members, we got lottery dresses … or a few members got lottery dresses.

With 30 millions we have … hold your breath …. nothing. A free ugly t-shirt and -luckely- we are able to buy a swinging 30 million sign for 30 stardollars. Now isn’t this the perfect day to start celebrating that stardoll gives us this awesome opportunity ? I mean, WOW, a swinging sign for 30 dollars, who doesn’t want that ? me.

Ok, think logical with me. Two years ago, stardoll was cheap (think about DKNY for 2 and 3 stardollars). Two years ago we hadn’t even reached the 10 million members. Today we are with 30 million and you pay like hell …. That’s not logical : more members = more money for stardoll, right ? Shouldn’t thinks become cheaper ?

So Stardoll : Fame, Fashion and Friends ?

My vote goes to Stardoll: Money, Money and Money

Stardoll wants your money

And btw sorry about the lack of graphics lately but i’m busy with new ones 😀

xxx Dina/Verojun (those kisses are not for you Stardoll)

Tutorial Part 1

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This isn’t al all what I planned for the total of my tutorial, so don’t worry (normally) there will be more things comming soon.

I’m just so very busy lately and that I haven’t done much for my blog or But I thought I could allready post these few things, hope you’ll like them …

Tutorial UhNuh

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Normally I never shut up, but for some reason my blog has been death for a while 😀

Many people have asked after my tutorial and I can say that’s it’s going great BUT  ….  the sun is shining WOOHOO 😀 and there’s no way that I’m computering when I can lay down and getting a tan, UH NuhNO.  So I guess I wont post a thing untill it starts to rain again …

How to make a SD-magazine

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