Happy Holidays








~ by Verojun on December 2, 2008.

13 Responses to “Happy Holidays”

  1. Hope one of them is steelone! She is gorgeous in every way!
    And maybe xlou26,she is as well fabulous!
    And the other girl maybe is… vincent99 or Mis.cellaneous 😛

    Can’t wait to find out who they are 😀

    Gorgeous graphic btw, as always*


  2. Really beautiful! Nice pictures and pretty colors!!!

  3. Ziet er mooi uit Dina;)

    Vraagjee, welk lettertype heb je gebruikt voor de header van je site? Ik vind em supermooi!! xx

  4. Jaja, ziet er weer super uit! 😀 Geweldig kapsel xP

    En ben al benieuwd wie de andere twee zijn!


  5. Yay! I guesses correctly !

    Steelone is one of the three fabulous girls!

    Can’t wait to see all 😀

    The graphics are really good and i enjoyed reading the interview!
    Great job Dina!

  6. Can’t wait for the third girl! ;D

  7. what’s Vincent99 site?

  8. vincentfame.blogspot.com

    I forgot to putt the adress in the article, *oops* xxx Dina

  9. No problem 🙂
    Btw we can’t click the new images to enlarge anymore… Not since WordPress changed. But if you click to edit the post, then click on the image, click to edit the image (the landscape thingy) and then just click next/under ‘link URL’ on the ‘Link to image’ button, save, save et voila we can enlarge the picture again! 😛
    That might be easier to read 😀


  10. It should be working, well on my pc at least it does XD
    thanx for noticing that, Valerie xxx

  11. yes, no it works again 🙂

  12. holy crap dude your skills are awesome, u never seize to amaze me 😉

  13. Ashame Steelone left Stardoll..

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