How to make a SD-magazine



~ by Verojun on March 8, 2009.

7 Responses to “How to make a SD-magazine”

  1. Thanks 😀

  2. wow thanks! it really is my dream to make a succseful mag! anyway my opinion is half of the sucsses is in the quality in the graphics i hve phtoshop but i dont really no how to use it mabey u can hve a good tutorial how to make awsome graphices

  3. wow brilliant idea!
    perhaps you could tell us:
    – how to cut out pictures in photoshop
    – how to change the way the dolls stand – their positions
    – how to advertise a new project (how to get blogs and users to notice your mag)

    They are just a few ideas XD

  4. Your graphics in this are amazing 🙂 It’;; be great to see what ideas you come up with to make a unique stardoll magazine 🙂

  5. I will try to explane some thing in photshop but you can’t expect me to start from zero, you have to know the basic stuff otherwise it’s impossible for me to learn you.

  6. how do you draw the dolls different shapes and postions and color them in so blendingly(not a word) well….LOL.

    pshhh…if you made a mag everyone would literally be gaga….lol

  7. Way the go Dina! 😀
    Hmm.. what could be better? :S When I ‘read’ a magazine, I first just look at all the pictures xP So amazing graphics always help 😛
    Otherwise.. fashion tips and trends are enough featured.. maybe add a column, jokes, tips like ‘how become a covergirl’ or a better topic xP , food recipes :P, interior section, a stardoll history, feature clubs, cartoons, riddles, games, stardoll events, poems, quiz, shoes xP, and many more 😛

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