Tutorial UhNuh


Normally I never shut up, but for some reason my blog has been death for a while 😀

Many people have asked after my tutorial and I can say that’s it’s going great BUT  ….  the sun is shining WOOHOO 😀 and there’s no way that I’m computering when I can lay down and getting a tan, UH NuhNO.  So I guess I wont post a thing untill it starts to rain again …


~ by Verojun on March 22, 2009.

6 Responses to “Tutorial UhNuh”

  1. Oh!!!

    I love the blog.

  2. Haha, I can’t blame you, because the sun is everything. 😀
    But I do love the blog, so I will miss you great posts.

  3. oh don’t worry, i live in belgium and it rains here all the time, so my sunning days wont take that long 🙂

  4. your blog is sooooo awesome,,i love it,,keep working girl,you posts are great,,and pictures-you are simply he best…i am sure that i will check your blog every day,,,

  5. I wish that you would still post…I used to come to this blog every day, now I come on once a week, it was really good..



  6. Hey ! Where are u doing this stuff ? I want to know ! My user in stardoll is Lulluplix . Please Contact !!!

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