No Fame, No Fashion and No Friends


So yesterday we finally reached the 30 million members, now you would think “YEAH CELEBRATION”

                                              Think again …..

When we reached ten million, we all had like 5 gifts and 10 dollars I think. Ok, they were crappy gifts but at least we got some free stuff.

With the 20 million members, we got lottery dresses … or a few members got lottery dresses.

With 30 millions we have … hold your breath …. nothing. A free ugly t-shirt and -luckely- we are able to buy a swinging 30 million sign for 30 stardollars. Now isn’t this the perfect day to start celebrating that stardoll gives us this awesome opportunity ? I mean, WOW, a swinging sign for 30 dollars, who doesn’t want that ? me.

Ok, think logical with me. Two years ago, stardoll was cheap (think about DKNY for 2 and 3 stardollars). Two years ago we hadn’t even reached the 10 million members. Today we are with 30 million and you pay like hell …. That’s not logical : more members = more money for stardoll, right ? Shouldn’t thinks become cheaper ?

So Stardoll : Fame, Fashion and Friends ?

My vote goes to Stardoll: Money, Money and Money

Stardoll wants your money

And btw sorry about the lack of graphics lately but i’m busy with new ones 😀

xxx Dina/Verojun (those kisses are not for you Stardoll)


~ by Verojun on May 1, 2009.

5 Responses to “No Fame, No Fashion and No Friends”

  1. I agree more than 200% 🙂

  2. Dude, I agree with you so much. I remember the day where DKNY in sale was two or three stardollars and eighteen for a dress was a hell of a much.
    Now you have 500 stardollars and you get the feeling its not enough..
    Ahh well, to hell with stardoll.

  3. Agreed. Stardoll can make covers of the ABBA song Money Money Money.

  4. Right as a rain!

  5. I totally agree. We pay a hell of a lot of money, and we can buy hardly anything with that. And they get 3 million members. What do we get? A crappy top with a ’30’ logo on. It’s not even a decent top. You’d think for the amount we spend that they’d give us something back, but no. All stardoll ever thinks about, is making money.

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