Get the Peggy Bundy Look

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Laughter with the spoiled ones …

•February 14, 2009 • 2 Comments


I think it’s about time I say something inhere, the blog has been death for a while :p, sorry for that …

– I know I said I would be making new graphics, but there’s allways so much work to make them. It’s fun to start but it seems that they’re never going to be ready. Very ennoying.

But after that has been said, I thought I gave some of my latest opinions about, a lott of hilarious stuff has happend lately.

-First, the new LE-clothes, well they’re ugly with a very big U. The succes of the previous line was because of the fresh theme: the sparkles, leather and spikes, that was something new then all the previous clothing we had. But this new line : I don’t know, they just look … cheap and then the ironic part is that they are everything accept cheap. The stupid part (or the hilarious part, whatever you prefere) that all those “daddy’s money” spoiled girls bought the whole line …. I could tell you what I think about it, but I’m allready pretty sure that you think the same … it’s such stupid behaviour to spend 3000 dollar to just have the whole collection, not to wear but to say other members “I’ve got all the clothes from LE”. I think many people don’t care if they have them all, at least I don’t, so in the end …. everyone’s happy : the spoiled girls have all there precious clothes, the not spoiled girls can have some laughter about the spoiled girls and stardoll is freaking rich 🙂


-Second, new magazines are falling out of the sky, I think it’s great that so many people wanna show their creativity online (if anyone has any question about photoshop you may allways ask me, I know a lott about it. Allthough my explaning english isn’t that wonderfull, so i’m not sure if I’m the right one who can help, but I will allways try ofcours) I do hope that all those new magazines are really to show creativity and not to be the next “elite”. I also would like to say that you need to practice, don’t expect your first issue to be as great as StyleMagazine (which we all should thank because the whole -working outside of stardoll- has started with her magazine) so really practice and practice and practice, the best way to learn is to learn yourself while your practicing.


I could say millions of other things, but i think it’s better if I stop here, if I look above I can see that it has been enough for one post, i don’t wanna start boring people with telling to much 😀  xxx Dina aka Verojun

In my opinion

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It could be onley a thought from my point of view, but it seems that the stardoll-hype is allmost … uhm over. I’m not that active anymore but when I’m online, it looks like many members are slowing down aswell.

I think it’s the routine to blame, even the blogs that once were so succesfull seems to be on their ends … maybe because every member has a blog and is writing about the same thing as every other blog that’s trying to be ‘unique’. People are just getting bored with the same things …

Is that true ? I’m really wondering, if it’s onley me or is their someone else who does and thinks the same things ?

Undeserved Stardolldesign Winners

•January 10, 2009 • 10 Comments


I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I know many of you expected graphics … 😛 but I’m just posting a little text about the E&J winning stardesigns.

I didn’t expected to be one of the winners, but I did saw amazing designs and after I saw the winners, … well … how should I say this … they are awefull. I know stardoll had the impossible job to check them all, but did they even saw the ones they – probably random – chose ?

Oh god, I’m turning in one of those stardoll-complaining blogs …

Photoshop : Making Skin

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It’s a tutorial I maded a while ago, I know it has a few writingmistakes, but I thought it might be usefull for other members.

Hmm, hmm … Boring :)

•January 5, 2009 • 5 Comments


Lately  i’m not that interested in stardoll anymore. Why ? Because it’s the same every day …

Some spoiled girls, who are desperate to be famous on a virtual site, when all the medolls look the same …. us members paying more and more money every day, think about the weird LE-clothes everyone wanted, not because they liked it, but to show other members that they waisted their parents money on a few pixeled clothes, and to be honost some items looked to ugly to pay 300 stardollars for…

All the drama, which i think is hilarious 😀

I think i’ve never saw 1 member who wrote she’s a little fat and happy with it, nope not on stardoll, we’re all supermodels and ready to kick someone else in the face when we have the oppertunity … Hooray for the supermodels !!!

I just feel that i’ve got some better things to do than to see the same things every day, of course i wont leave Stardoll, i maded some very great friends and it doesn’t even comes up in my head to leave them + i’m still a little addicted.

I’m not sure what i will do with my blog, i love making the grapfics when i’m bored but as i said before i’ve got some better things to do, which is normal when you’re my age.

Some virtual stardoll-love, xxx Dina.

Happy Holidays Finished

•December 20, 2008 • 5 Comments


HappyHildays*DinaEdition I finaly finished my HappyHolidays post, yoohoo 😛

You can find the post a few scrolls down.

Lett me know what you think of it, thanx a lott to the 3 featured girls and ofcours Merry Christmas and a Happy Newyear !! XXXX Dina